Building a Life

A transition guide for Kansans

School & Education

After high school there are a lot of choices for further education. Many of these revolve around the kind of work desired and the preparation and schooling necessary for that work. A college education is also good for helping strengthen knowledge of the world, problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Consider the decision about further education for your young adult with great care, for it’s not only a financial investment but also a great investment of their time and yours. Some tips to help:

  • Be choosy: Follow their interests, their talents and strengths in making these choices.
  • Visit several schools and talk with students and instructors at each school before determining the best place for your young adult.  
  • Include family and Circle of Support members in this process as well. 

It’s a good idea to have a plan when enrolling for college or post-secondary trainings. But remember that life takes many turns. It’s important to be flexible and keep in mind that plans may change.

Important things to consider are:

  • What are their talents and strengths?
  • What financial support is available?
  • Do they want to study in their community or somewhere else?
  • Do they need academic or other accommodations?