Building a Life

A transition guide for Kansans


Our health impacts everything we do. But when we think about transition, we don’t necessarily think about the role health plays in this time of change.

Health impacts all aspects of our lives—from school to work, in daily life and community activities—health plays a role in all of it.

Health can impact:

  • The ability to learn or go to school
  • Work (either from home or in the community)
  • Enjoyment in recreation and leisure activities or being active in the community
  • Finances and life style
  • The ability to have and raise children
  • The extent of the ability to live independently as well as the need for caregivers
  • The ability to take care of others
  • Attitude and emotions
  • Relationship or partnership with doctors
  • The ability to take care of one’s own health

Throughout this site, you will learn about many different components of transition and things to think about. Think about how your youth/young adults’ health will affect their lives and the things they want to do.