Building a Life

A transition guide for Kansans

Things to Consider

  • Look into private car services
  • Finding a job close to home or walking distance can alleviate transportation issues
  • Check out the possibility of car pooling with fellow employees
  • SSI PASS Plan can be used to save toward the purchase of a car to get to work
  • Review a new route by driving it with your son/daughter and point out sights so they will become familiar with the area


Basic Skills

It is important that your young adult learn some basic skills in order to use public transportation, such as the:

  • Ability to understand use of money in order to pay for public transit or use a prepaid card.
  • Ability to call and reserve transportation for door-to-door service. One must call in advance to schedule a pickup and drop-off time, date, and location.
  • Ability to wait at the curb or outside for transportation. Some transportation services request a 30-minute window of wait time.
  • Ability to not wander off if their ride expects them to be waiting at a specific place at a specific time. Waiting is hard and staying at a specific location can be difficult.
  • Ability to request help if needed.

Learning to Drive

Some young adults want to learn to drive. Programs are available that can help young adults either learn or determine their ability to drive a car. Kansas Vocational Rehabilitation Services may be able to provide driver’s training if it’s needed to get or keep a job. Rehabilitation centers in your area may be able to perform an assessment to help evaluate one’s ability to drive. If they determine that the young adult is able to drive, the rehabilitation center may offer a driver’s training course. Rehabilitation centers would also be able to determine if adaptive equipment is needed and how to use these types of support.

Getting to Medical Appointments

In addition to the transportation options already noted, KanCare will cover the cost of going to and from medical appointments program. The non-emergency medical transportation support information is offered by the three health plans or managed care organizations (MCOs):

  • Amerigroup - call Access2Care at toll free 1-855-345-6943
  • Sunflower - call Logisticare Reservation/Ride Assist/Meals & Lodging at 1-877-644-4623 for Hearing Impaired (TTY) 1-866-288-3133
  • United Healthcare - call Logisticare, Percy Day at 1-800-243-5560 ext 208 or Rita Preble at 1-800-243-5560 ext 212

You can find out more about KanCare and each of the managed care organizations at
Or call the providers to learn more about their health plans:

  • Amerigroup 1-877-434-7579
  • Sunflower State Health Plan 1-877-644-4623
  • Unitedhealthcare Community Plan of Kansas 1-877-542-9235