Building a Life

A transition guide for Kansans

Your Home

Typically, young adults think about what it would be like to move out of their family’s home. It can be difficult to know when they are ready to move out. Now is the time to think about and include in your young adult’s daily routines those skills that are important to living in their own home. This will range from:

  • Budgeting
  • Laundry
  • Meal preparation
  • Cleaning  
  • Shopping
  • How to take care of their personal needs
  • …and much more

It may seem overwhelming at first to wonder how all these things can be achieved - but it can be done. Don’t be limited by what already exists in terms of supports and services. Families and their young adults have been known to create new and different ways to achieve a more independent lifestyle. The State of Kansas has services and supports available that may make this part of transition easier. There are many things to consider and learn about in order to determine where your young adult wants to live, with whom, and how to cover their living expenses. This doesn’t mean you have to do everything without help or support.  Important things to consider are:

  • What area of town would they prefer to live in?
  • Do they want to live alone or with others?
  • Do they want to live in an apartment or a house?
  • How much support do they need at home now?
  • What financial support will they need to live on their own?